marketing innovation

brand empathy

Discover how to exceed consumer expectations, have a better relationship with your current and potential audience: Who they are, their jobs-to-be-done, touchpoints, how they behave with other brands, what drives them, etc.
For spotting insights, opportunities to create value for the brand users, and define possible ways to achieve business or fundraising objectives.

strategic planning

We are design thinkers and planners with a unique background in health, nutrition, pop culture, and lifestyle; also business people. With immersive brand planning we walk in the consumers' shoes and design creative strategies from that unique perspective.
For non-profits, public organisations and brands that seek new ideas for differential actions in digital and conventional contexts.


Differentiation projects start after defining tailored DFFRNT OR NTHNG strategies. Be it Digital Content, Apps or Branded Content; Social Media campaigns, Point of Sale performances or Cultural Events. With Media Plans customized for each audience.
For organizations that want to break the homogenization of their category with experienced specialists.

what else?

qualitative research

Nethnographic exploration and quality qualitative research of users, patients, consumers... What do you call them?

CX, customer experiences

Ideation of brand experiences worth living and sharing: Transmedia (digital and analogical) Customer Experiences for vivid brands

learning by doing

Practical workshops about creative innovation, trends, and start-up style project management.
For intrapreneur teams, corporation entrepreneurs


ESCOOL dives with brands and their target people to see what happens under the surface... and design catchy projects. Immersion!

Montse Monllau

Montse participates as COO, project manager, advisor in food and lifestyle communication, creative planner, and strategic innovation consultant.

Lorena Vegas

Lorena contributes as nethnologist analyst, creative planner, content & project manager, and health/wellbeing communication consultant.

Immersive Team

The experience of the most suitable specialists for each type of project enriches the creative phase and guarantees success in execution; always keeping the users afloat and at the center of the strategy.
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