marketing innovation

brand empathy

Immersion adapted to your case that reveals insights and contexts on which to build brand experiences with competitive advantage.
Attract new potential public and overcome the expectations of customers. Understand their jobs-to-be-done, touchpoints, behavior, how they feel, what drives them, etc.
With qualitative research, nethnography, benchmarking, and customer journey analysis we spot possibilities to create new value for them and some possible ways to achieve business or fundraising objectives.

strategic planning

We are planners and design thinkers with a background in food, health, pop culture and lifestyle; as well as women entrepreneurs.
With immersive brand planning we put ourselves in the shoes of the different generations of customers. From there and with our #youtoolity framework, we design customer experiences (CX) and creative strategies for communication projects that position the brand distinctive factor.
For non-profits, public entities, and brands seeking ideas and an action plan for digital or conventional contexts.

differentiation projects

We design customer experiences and take the brand experiences to the contexts of relationship in the channels preferred by the audience.
ESCOOL team of experienced specialists lands the strategy in digital communications projects, social media, fast content, apps, transmedia, point of sale, events, ad campaigns. Spiced with personalized media plans that build engagement with each audience segment.
The end to end tailored solution for organizations that want to innovate with their communications and break the homogenization of their category.

what else?


Advise and strategic planning focused on what matters to real (and not stereotyped) different generations of women: Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Z.

strategic communication

We help an organisation or brand with their creative innovation process for strategic communication with data analysis, ideation, and planning of strategies that make 'thinks' happen.

learning by doing

As training or as real practice for the corporation entrepreneurs. We coordinate interdepartmental teams and coach start-up style workshops about creativityn, trends, and Agile project management.


ESCOOL dives with brands and their target people to see what happens under the surface... and launch catchy projects. Immersion!

Montse Monllau

Montse participates as COO, project manager, advisor in food and lifestyle communication, creative planner, and strategic innovation consultant.

Lorena Vegas

Lorena contributes as nethnologist analyst, creative planner, content & project manager, and health/wellbeing communication consultant.

Immersive Team

The experience of the most suitable specialists for each type of project enriches the creative phase and guarantees success in execution; always keeping the users afloat and at the center of the strategy.
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