we deliver creative solutions for innovation, marketing and sales

We are based in Barcelona and proud holders of the Consultant Certificate issued by the Agency for Business Competitiveness – ACCIÓ

innovation for a sustainable future

We accelerate the adaptation of organizations to the challenging social and digital environment of 2022. Using the creative system of strategic innovation of our own.
We facilitate the generation of business models, new products or services, relationships and experiences that grow interested and attentive audiences.
Contexts exploration and solution ideation, along with companies working for an environmentally, economically and socially sustainable future.

behavioural insights

We care about humans and study human behaviour.
Our team understands the contexts where people touch brand proposals. We advise our clients about the frictions or barriers that their users feel.
We get this done by immersing in projects from a wholistic perspective of human behavior.
And thanks to our own tool for analyzing trends and consumer behavior patterns.

help ideas advancing

We draw up action plans that reduce frictions and help ideas move easily towards the goal.
Defining the key aspects of a persuasive behavioral communication: we map the strategy that launches new experiences for new products, services, behaviors and brand positioning.
Achieve more efficiency for your Communication, CSR, Fundraising or Behavior Change projects

Behavioural Comms

After putting the focus on consumer behavior or whoever your audience is
-and not so much on what they say- we design behavioral activations with nudges and more!
Hire us to come up with creative strategies to make your communication persuasive

Adaptive projects for a VUCA world

Solutions taylored for you: Social, Content, Media, Apps, Digital Advertising, Marketing, Growth

make 'thinks' happen

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We have more than 20 years of experience as entrepreneurs, with consumer services, and marketing and digital content that fuel our original background in food and health, giving us special skills and competencies

MONTSE MONLLAU managing partner 
Strategic innovation consultant.

«Most days I feel like a creative entrepreneur, enthusiastic about expediting the resolution of our clients’ challenges… Some other days I make playlists on Spotify as well»

LORENA VEGAS co-founder

Consultant on the human side of business.

«I like to observe before speaking. Understanding the whys, empathize with the contexts. Learning.
And I also love discovering and tasting new dishes and restaurants»

clients & partners

avante toda!

Like the sea winds, we are proud to foster business models that are committed to environmental, social and economic sustainability.

We are living in a unique moment. Uncertainty, complexity and adaptability will have to go hand in hand, cooperating, to help rebuild a new way of thriving as companies.

Since 2020 planet Earth is a stranger place, but it is our home. There is nothing quite like home.


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