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We hold the Innovation and Marketing Consultant Certificate issued by the Catalan Agency for Business Competitiveness

innovation for a sustainable future

A sustainable business has a triple positive impact: for the environment, for the people, and for the investment. They call it social impact.

Accelerate the adaptation of your business to the social and digital challenges by using our creative system and boosters for strategic innovation.

We deliver solutions for the optimization of business models and sustainable products/services. Only relevant value propositions and customer experiences lead to interested loyal audiences.

behavioural insights

Use our +15 years of experiences with consumers of selfcare, health, and food markets to see the bigger picture of your possibilities. Broaden your perspectives.

Optimizing communication is about reducing friction, as much as motivating.

There are +100 cognitive biases and principles of Behaviour Economics in our Customer Analysis and Segmentation tool©. We use it to obtain behavioural insight about your market:
Barriers and expectations.

help them advance

Use our action plans to reduce frictions. Help your customers flow through the user’s journey.

Use our persuasive strategies to reach the market with your sustainable product or service.

Use us to be relevant to your target and be effective. Activate persuasion in your campaigns, communications, CSR, fundraising and Behaviour change projects.

Persuasive copywriting

  • Start by focusing on what consumers/users do… and not so much in what they say.
  • Understand their reality and then improve the messages that you address them with Behavior Economics activations.
  • Use creative persuasive communication strategies.

Projects for behaviour change

Use our strategic direction in your projects: Sales, Social, Content, Media, Apps, Ads, Fundraising, Growth

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We have more than 20 years of experience as entrepreneurs, with consumer services, and marketing and digital content that fuel our original background in food and health, giving us special skills and competencies

MONTSE MONLLAU managing partner

Strategic innovation consultant.

«Most days I feel like a creative entrepreneur, enthusiastic about expediting the resolution of our clients’ challenges… Some other days I make playlists on Spotify as well»

LORENA VEGAS co-founder

Consultant on the human side of business.

«I like to observe before speaking. Understanding the whys, empathize with the contexts. Learning.
And I also love discovering and tasting new dishes and restaurants»

clients & partners

avante toda!

Like the sea winds, we are proud to foster business models that are committed to environmental, social and economic sustainability.

We are living in a unique moment. Uncertainty, complexity and adaptability will have to go hand in hand, cooperating, to help rebuild a new way of thriving as companies.

Since the pandemic planet Earth is a stranger place, but it is our home. There is nothing quite like home.


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