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Medical App for Adherence to Ophthalmological Treatments

The project to create a medical app was born from the immersive observation of the patient’s experience, which allowed us to identify a key insight of ophthalmological patients who are under treatment for eyes diseases.

Our team, after identifying the need of the patients, designed a digital solution focused on the user that improves the adherence to the pharmacological treatment and helps to a quick recovery.

We developed the prototype of a mobile application for Android i iOS with the collaboration of developers and the client’s medical team.

The app allows the user/patient to take a self-control of the administration of the medicines prescribed by their doctor; it includes a system of alerts adjustable to the pathology, type of medicines (drops or pills), and to the patient’s schedule.

This project is in the phase of internal testing by the client, an ophthalmological center of reference in Europe.

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