Barcelona Tech City is cool ;)

Yeah, we celebrate that ESCOOL becomes part of the community of Barcelona Tech City.

And we do it as a boutique consultancy specialized in creative innovation processes for human-centered projects.

We will mainly provide these thinking services for digital / technological projects: IMMERSION AND CO-CREATIVITY.

Three-step processes that 1) begin with the immersion in the reality of your audience, 2) identify insights, contexts and momentum that are key to the design of marketing and communication strategies that, 3) land as CX centered on people .

More? There is more, for example, we measure the effectiveness of benchmarking strategies. Our #youtoolity framework also combines customer development techniques, (n)ethnography, qualitative research, design thinking, service design, and strategic communication planning.

We are excited to contribute, to meet entrepreneurs and companies in the tech environment and eager to learn from the sessions organized in the Palau de Mar.

Are you also a member of @bcntechcity? We look forward to having coffee together soon!