What is it like to work with us?

(1 minute read) Your organization has a challenge and your marketing strategy is not using behavioral economics yet? Welcome home, we are experts in challenges involving human behaviour! We are also a reliable partner. We described for you in 8 points which is the experience journey when working with ESCOOL: 1) ‘thinks’ start happening when some kind human spends <2 […]

Barcelona Tech City is cool ;)

Yeah, we celebrate that ESCOOL becomes part of the community of Barcelona Tech City. And we do it as a boutique consultancy specialized in creative innovation processes for human-centered projects. We will mainly provide these thinking services for digital / technological projects: IMMERSION AND CO-CREATIVITY. Three-step processes that 1) begin with the immersion in the reality of your audience, 2) […]

#sheBXYZ Perspective Report @byESCOOL

Insight inspiration for organizations friendly to every generation of Women The natural evolution of our previous whitepaper #sheAging, which was about women over 40… In 2019, refurbished for giving a more global vision of what is to be a woman of today and all that it implies. We have to respond to this, which is more than a tendency: new […]

Marketing to +60 Women: #SheAging evolution

The impact on the economy of the European population demographic change and the empowerment of women are the two axes on which we build this She+Aging argument. Being attentive to the challenges of our society, we compiled lots of data that explained this two macro trends in the #SheAging ebook in 2014. ESCOOL has presented this study to partners and […]

Course 2018-2019: Co-design human-centered marketing and communication strategies

We start the course with more experiences in the new backpack, new learnings and a pragmatic vision of persuasive marketing. We also unlearned, to be able to release some mental brakes that limited our creative capacity and that prevented us from simplifying and prioritizing. What really matters, first thing! It will be the people who work in the organizations that […]

Ethnographic Research, Buyer POS Observation and Analysis for Food Brand

The client asks us for a critical evaluation of their commercial situation and we recommend carrying out a qualitative consumer study, based on ethnographic research, which allows us to observe also the behavior of consumers in Point of Sale regarding the brand and its actual positioning. We designed the research with the participation of a social anthropologist specialized in ethnography […]

Soft skills «learning by doing» for intrapreneurs, master UAB students

On this occasion the intrapreneurs were the students of the international master’s degree «Infectious Diseases and One Health» of Erasmus Mundus. The SummerSchool of this master’s degree focused on providing students with soft skills complementary to their scientific training: transversal skills of communication, leadership, adaptability, negotiation and project management. Organizing the 2018 edition was the order we received from the […]

Strategy and Nutritional Contents for Babybel

Our customer Bel Group, French manufacturer of dairy food products, asked us to draw up a nutritional communication strategy and the preparation of contents for the Mini Babybel campaign in the Spanish market. We carried out a product and benchmark study, and we spotted strategic opportunities, possible moments of consumption increase and touchpoints of the brand with young families. We also […]

Social Media Communication for DAGU

Esta es nuestra manera de entender los proyectos de social media: Hacer presente a la marca en las plataformas de relación social que utilizan sus co This is our way of understanding social media projects: Make the brand present in the social relationship platforms that its consumers use by contributing with something that interests them. Since 2012 we collaborate with […]