#sheBXYZ Perspective Report @byESCOOL

Insight inspiration for organizations friendly to every generation of Women The natural evolution of our previous whitepaper #sheAging, which was about women over 40… In 2019, refurbished for giving a more global vision of what is to be a woman of today and all that it implies. We have to respond to this, which is more than a tendency: new […]

Marketing to +60 Women: #SheAging evolution

The impact on the economy of the European population demographic change and the empowerment of women are the two axes on which we build this She+Aging argument. Being attentive to the challenges of our society, we compiled lots of data that explained this two macro trends in the #SheAging ebook in 2014. ESCOOL has presented this study to partners and […]

Course 2018-2019: Co-design human-centered marketing and communication strategies

We start the course with more experiences in the new backpack, new learnings and a pragmatic vision of persuasive marketing. We also unlearned, to be able to release some mental brakes that limited our creative capacity and that prevented us from simplifying and prioritizing. What really matters, first thing! It will be the people who work in the organizations that […]

Creative and Fundraising strategy for IBEC #FasterFuture

Much of the research carried out by our client Bioengineering Institute of Catalonia (IBEC) focuses on the creation of new personalized medicine solutions. With the aim that these applications can be carried out in clinical practice as soon as possible, we have co-created with IBEC the concept of communication and strategic planning #FasterFuture. Through the Faster Future program, IBEC has […]