Course 2018-2019: Co-design human-centered marketing and communication strategies

We start the course with more experiences in the new backpack, new learnings and a pragmatic vision of persuasive marketing. We also unlearned, to be able to release some mental brakes that limited our creative capacity and that prevented us from simplifying and prioritizing.

What really matters, first thing! It will be the people who work in the organizations that hire us and their audiences.

It’s crystal clear for us. The first thing will be the people, the lives of the people that are out there, in their office, on the street, in the stores, in their homes… Outside this office and outside this screen.

The complex lives of consumers that we find out there are, which our customers can enrich in a thousand different ways. We will continue working for them, altogether. Co-designing marketing strategies that work for the client -we say «co» because we do it with our clients and with their clients, the users; collaboratively.

We plan strategies with them because this is our way of doing things: we are idealists and entrepreneurs (yet and forever) and we remain faithful to a philosophy of marketing & communication that is not vacuum «marketing» (your fingers waving in the air with). That’s not the spirit.

ESCOOL and the client team, together, will collaborate with the users (or call them patients, consumers, clients, audience or target if it suits you best).

Collaboration is to put yourself in their place, plunging into the users waters, diving with them, and seeing their world with our strategist’s eyes. Reality hides well but not so deep under the surface of the obvious and the stereotyped.

It’s a matter of decision and attitude, and about having a working plan that converts consumer research data and insights into validated findings, hypotheses and value propositions on which you can rely to build a differential strategy that resonates with the potential audience.

We have the conviction, the method and the patience necessary to convince whoever needed that marketing, communication, should not be improvised; it should be based on data that you can spot when you go for a swim in the mild waters of empathy and co-creativity.

Remembering what one FMCG company Communication Manager once told us: «If we always work with the same people, they always bring us the same ideas… If you have any ideas, come and tell us!».

OK, we will come, but the best thing will be that we arrive at those ideas and evaluate them together.




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