Ethnographic Research, Buyer POS Observation and Analysis for Food Brand

The client asks us for a critical evaluation of their commercial situation and we recommend carrying out a qualitative consumer study, based on ethnographic research, which allows us to observe also the behavior of consumers in Point of Sale regarding the brand and its actual positioning.

We designed the research with the participation of a social anthropologist specialized in ethnography for brands. The phases of analysis and ideation of the strategic solutions are completed he traditional ethnography with methodologies of design thinking and customer development.

We captured the sample of people who would participate in the study.

We collected behavior data and photographs of more than 20 family units of consumers, in 7 different moments of the customer journey, also connecting with them in telematic ways and in real time during a week.

We presented the client a detailed report of the consumer’s observations made at the point of sale in relation to the purchase and behaviour regarding the brand’s product, competitors, and the category. We were active in shopping centers in Madrid and Barcelona.

The data collected was complemented by in-depth interviews at the homes of the participants in the study, also in both capitals.

We delivered a dossier that included the Value Map canvas, jobs to be done and consumer pains & gains and identified different levels of potential public segmentation for loyalty and new consumer acquisition.

Our consultants shared with the client the conclusions of the research, the SWOT hotpoints of the brand in relation to global trends in the sector, consumer insights, and strategic recommendations for the most effective communication of the brand.

The findings allowed us to workshop together with the client’s managers and devise creative projects that capitalize on opportunities to improve consumer service and connected with them by creating relevant user experiences.

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