What is it like to work with us?

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Your organization has a challenge and your marketing strategy is not using behavioral economics yet? Welcome home, we are experts in challenges involving human behaviour!

We are also a reliable partner. We described for you in 8 points which is the experience journey when working with ESCOOL:

1) ‘thinks’ start happening when some kind human spends <2 minutes briefing us.

2) We pay them a visit and teams meet. We present our roadmap #youtoolity in detail and recommend them the most suitable toolkit to solve the specific challenge.

3) Then we agree on fair prices and timings.

4) Who doesn’t hope meetings to be to the point and as brief as possible? We follow the Bezos’ way: Starting each meeting with the team 100% aligned. The individual reading of our beautiful catching-up memos at the start of the meeting helps with that.

5) We are familiar with nice apps that make project managing agile for us and the client: We use Trello, Slack, Evernote, Telegram, and collaborative documents (in Google Drive or any platform that the client may prefer). Well, also Spotify does good to the spirit <3.

6) We are good at planning and very organized people. We always fancy taking notes and have many unpredictable ideas (some of them pretty cool). We also enjoy coffee, beer, cheese and patatas bravas.

7) Our emails, messages and deliverables are in the client’s inbox whenever they need them: our last +75 partners can tell that we are compliant and deliver on time.

8) A firm but flexible company culture: As change happens fast, when we are in a long relationship our services readapt to the client needs. It helps that we are entrepreneurs and used to testing, adjusting, and iterating.

We achieved the design of the youtoolity roadmap and tools investing +10,000 hours of research and ideation. Also have painted a 20′ demo workshop to show you examples and how we do what we do. Yours is the next step.

When in doubt: just begin! as succesful innovators do. (Besides, you can cancel anytime.)

Stop losing thousands of more effective interactions and sales. Use our tools to take a shortcut to their minds.

Just write us now the 2′ message, we will take the lead from there:

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