#youtoolity is the framework to anchor strategies in the audience’s most relevant insights and touchpoints

The process that is bringing empathy to MarComm intelligence. For teams that would hire thoughtful experts to walk in their users’ shoes, hoping to anchor the communication of their projects in findings and touchpoints of real, human people, targets.

Because a project must count from the beginning with the help of empathy to be relevant and sustainable.

#youtoolity is called the framework of ESCOOL. It helps a team to immerse themselves in the reality of the lives of real consumers, avoiding stereotypes, to observe behaviors, and detect opportunities to create value for people.

This process is the result of years of iterations and learnings, which incorporates techniques of (n)ethnography, qualitative market research, customer development, UX, design thinking, and planning.

It is a tool to make the think different motto a reality, to do things in a different way, because it encourages the coordinated collaboration of the different units of any organisation that are linked to an innovative project.

Analyzing the customer journey intimate, disruptive, and hopefully global opportunities appear, such as helping people in their Jobs to be done.

The client team can participate with the ESCOOL consultants in a human-centered process for analysis and ideation. The process can finish with deliverables for strategic planning, creative briefing, CX Journey, etc. Or can continue with the execution of the plan.

Working in coordination, the interdisciplinary minds of the client and ESCOOL become an in-house superplanner.

The outcome is a strategy whose key competitive ideas are rooted in the reality of consumers, which will have been benchmarked.

We validate the strategic options of the client’s as a lean startup would validate their business or mission model assumptions.

The users, and consumers, are kept at the center of everything at all times, since we leave the comfort zone and go to wherever they are (off and on contexts). We learn from them and analyze the data with a business perspective until we can convert it into useful knowledge and insights for the project.

Our entrepreneurial spirit encourages you to reach out, and say hi! get in touch, tell us about your case. We love to listen and we will be happy to meet your team, exchange views, and share with you more details about our #youtoolity way.


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